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Enhancing Flexibility Through Exercise

You may not have given much consideration to how flexible you are before, but this is something that can actually play a part in your physical health.

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The How and Why of Stretching

So you have got the hard part out of the way and found the motivation and enthusiasm to embark upon an exercise regime! The next step is to now find ways to enhance your efforts and maximise the efficiency of your workout. One great way to do this is to add stretching into your regime - both before and after your workout.
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Get Up and Stretch: The Importance of Stretching

It is all too easy to forget about stretching, but it can be just as beneficial for the body as regular exercise. It is important to make time for stretching in your exercise routine as well as throughout your day.


Due to the combination of the general stresses of everyday life, stationary postures, repetitive movements, injuries you may have, and weak or tensed muscles, your muscles need to be given some attention in order to be healthy. There is a long list of benefits that you can enjoy when you engage in stretching regularly. 
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