Add Some fun to the Season with Curling

       curlingmedalAs the first snowflakes appear, we all start gearing up for three to four months of winter fun. While obvious sports like skiing and sledding peak through the winters, indoor games like curling can be a lot of fun too. Not your run-of-the-mill activity, curling dates back to early 1800s when the kings and queens of Scotland curled in their winter castles. Eventually, it spread all over the world and was played first at the Olympic Winter Sports in 1924.

       While curling, players aim at sliding polished granite stones/rocks across sheets of ice at the target which is similar to a dart board, except it’s imprinted on the horizontal sheet of ice. The target has four rings and is called ‘house’. Four players divided into teams of two each, take turns to achieve the best score in the game using aiming skills. Eight stones are provided to each team and the points are scored based on where the stones rest on the concentric rings; the closer one is to the house, the higher the points scored. Once each team has used up all their stones, it is called as an end and each game has eight to ten such ends.
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