Surprising Foods for Healthy Bones

The role that our bones play when it comes to overall health and fitness is not to be ignored! While we have long been told that dairy milk is beneficial for the optimum health of our bones, there is increasing evidence that points to other foods perhaps being of greater benefit!
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New Services Coming Soon

Our lives are replete with tasks we need to accomplish. Would you ever jump headlong into a task before consulting with a knowledgeable expert though? Regardless of whether you need assistance with a health-related question or with a home improvement issue, an expert opinion is invaluable. Don't take a risk on a public forum or review site when expert access is close at hand. Over the next several months, we will be rolling out several new services via a social media interface to bring real expertise to you! Stay tuned to learn more about Progul®, Snoodee®, and Dojuru®!

Battle the Sedentary Office Lifestyle!

Battle the Sedentary Office Lifestyle!

Do you find the pounds adding up? Are you looking for a way to burn some additional calories and tone up your body? While it is hard to beat the workout you will get at a gym or while exercising outside, there are many ways to boost your fitness level at your office desk. Here are some ideas to help supercharge your day at the office.

  1. Take some breaks from work at your desk and use them to walk around or stretch. Consider walking down hallways to get your blood pumping a bit. Read more

Add Some Technology to your Workout!

Are you one of the millions of Americans who have trouble staying workout-focused? Do you find yourself losing track of your daily and weekly calorie expenditures?


New technology has made it more possible than ever to monitor your daily calorie consumption and calorie burn. While discrete fitness trackers are very popular, smart phones make it easier than ever to manage your workout.

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calcium supplements may be overhyped

Are We Overhyping Calcium and Vitamin D?

calcium supplements may be overhypedIn 2013 sales of calcium supplements were $6 billion. In 2012, vitamin D supplement sales in the United States reached $748 million. For over a decade, these supplements have been proscribed to treat osteoporosis in older individuals. More recently however, studies have appeared that dispute the assumption that calcium and vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of osteoporosis after age 30. Further, some studies indicate that calcium and vitamin D supplements are associated with higher risk of complications.1
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Bicycling: Joint-Friendly Fitness!

Are you worried that your favorite exercises put unnecessary strain on your joints? If so, consider bicycling! Bicycling offers many benefits including low impact on your joints, low barriers to entry, great sight-seeing opportunities, and excellent calorie-burning potential. Read on to learn more about how bicycling can help you get on the path to improved fitness.

Worried that you may not be fit enough to begin bicycling? We recommend that you begin slowly and ensure you can maintain good balance. Once you are proficient at short trips, you can expand the distance you travel each time you get on the saddle. As of writing this article, a man is journeying across the country while also endeavoring to lose over 250 lbs.
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Common workout myths busted!

Cardio and Weights Join Forces

Common workout myths busted!You’ve probably heard the claim made by some that cardio kills muscle gains while weight lifting causes bulking in women. Recent information has begun to debunk these myths. As long as proper nutrition and caloric intake are maintained, both men and women can reach their desired goals. In fact, each body type maintains different levels of hormones that regulate muscle gains. A fitness regimen comprised of cardio and weight lifting is typically the best way to build your body.

Many women are concerned that stepping into the weight room will cause excessive “bulking” or large muscles. In reality,
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A new method for treating RA

A New Solution for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

A new method for treating RARheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease which affects the small joints that permit the finer movements of the body. It is estimated that 1.3 million people suffer from RA in the world. Autoimmune diseases occur when a body’s immune system misidentifies healthy tissue as foreign body and starts attacking them. In RA, the autoimmune reaction causes inflammation which can further lead to loss of bone and cartilage. RA is a progressive disease and if not properly treated chronic RA can cause significant destruction of joints and functional disability. Fortunately, a new study revealed a previously-unknown method for treating RA.

The precise cause for RA is not known, but it is suspected that some microorganisms (like bacteria/viruses) or some drugs might trigger the immune system disorder.
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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce pain

Inflammation is a protective response of our body, towards injury, a normal immune response, and necessary for healing. In some persons, this response continues non-stop and damages healthy tissues, blood vessels or joints; this is known as chronic inflammation. For example, in people with Type 2 diabetes, cancer, digestive illnesses, lupus, joint problems, their own immune system is harming them. This is true for a plenty of heart and brain diseases, while one’s risk is increased with Alzheimer’s disease. These are called as auto-immune diseases.

A lot of data is available on the anti-inflammatory diet, be it
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Insight into Pain Reduction Techniques

New pain management techniquesWe are all well aware of how the U.S. military has fought hard in Iraq and Afghanistan. The work load is high in such states, given the stressful environment and limited facilities. Both of these result in different kinds of health problems in military men, the commonest being chronic muscular pains. Yet, very little has been done to help U.S. military veterans who have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan, to manage the incapacitating chronic pain that they are left with. A new study now shines light on a potential solution for military members and others!

Researcher Matthew Bair, M.D. from the VA and Regenstrief Institute, lead a randomized controlled ESCAPE trial (Evaluation of Stepped Care for Chronic Pain). He noted-
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