Is Coffee Good For You?

Some people will like to tell you that drinking coffee, especially drinking too much coffee, is bad for your health. Throughout the last few years there have been various pieces of research to support this claim. However, there is also plentiful evidence to suggest that regularly drinking coffee is good for you and with this article I am going to explain why!

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The Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Finding healthy foods that you can eat on the go makes the process of sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet so much easier. Many of us know the importance of eating wholesome meals that are free from processed products, however, when it comes to our snacks we often opt for junk foods.

This is usually because it is so much more convenient to eat processed junk foods when we are on the move. Although this might save some time in the moment and satisfy our hunger, it can quickly lead to poor health as these fatty foods wreak havoc in the body. With a little bit of forward planning it is easy to have a range of healthy snacks available to you, and one great food for snacking on the go is the cashew nut!

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The Psychological Effects of Serious Injury

When we talk about the suffering associated with an injury it is usually the physical health aspects that come to mind. The word injury is synonymous with pain, and it is the pain in the area of the injury that is given the most thought and attention. However, the psychological impacts of a serious injury can be just as important, but are often overlooked.
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Physical Activity May Treat Depression

depressionStudies say that today depression is a mental illness which affects about one in ten people. Depression is a condition where a person feels useless, hopeless and extremely sad. This can happen without any apparent reason. The episodes last for long and occur frequently to the point that it affects the daily functioning of the person. Traditional treatment is performed with anti-depressants and psychotherapy.

Recent studies conducted by the University of Bern show that regular physical exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Physical activity is known to be beneficial for overall health and prevention of cardiac diseases. The basic cause of depression is the deficiency of a certain chemical known as serotonin. Serotonin is an important chemical in the brain which is responsible for a variety of functions related to mood, sleep and appetite. Thereby, a deficiency of serotonin leads to depression, but what causes this deficiency is yet unknown.
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