bone graft surgery

Orthopedic Bone Graft

A bone graft is a medical technique that is sometimes used to correct issues with the bones and the joints. 

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Hand Pain: Causes and Cures

Maintaining the optimum health and function of your hands is important when it comes to the ease with which you can perform simple everyday tasks. However, because we use our hands so often - and also for other reasons - pain in either hand can quickly develop.

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Hope for Osteoporosis Sufferers

Fresh medical research into relief for osteoporosis sufferers has demonstrated positive preliminary results! An experimental injection is being developed that has the potential to help the large amounts of older people who suffer from this age related condition. Approximately 2,500 post-menopausal women took part in the study which took place over the course of 18 months. The average age of the women who participated was 69.
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Spinal compression fractures - a common cause of back pain

Spinal compression fractures are an often overlooked, but common cause of back pain. These small fractures in the bones that form your spine are frequently caused by osteoporosis. Fortunately, spinal compression fractures can be treated with pain medicine and bed rest. Some patients may wear a back brace or undergo physical therapy...

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