Bicycling: Joint-Friendly Fitness!

Are you worried that your favorite exercises put unnecessary strain on your joints? If so, consider bicycling! Bicycling offers many benefits including low impact on your joints, low barriers to entry, great sight-seeing opportunities, and excellent calorie-burning potential. Read on to learn more about how bicycling can help you get on the path to improved fitness.

Worried that you may not be fit enough to begin bicycling? We recommend that you begin slowly and ensure you can maintain good balance. Once you are proficient at short trips, you can expand the distance you travel each time you get on the saddle. As of writing this article, a man is journeying across the country while also endeavoring to lose over 250 lbs.
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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

One of the most common surgical procedures that an orthopedic surgeon will carry out during their career is knee arthroscopy. Although this is a very common procedure in the present day, it was not until the 1960’s that it really came into practice. An arthroscopy is the surgical process of either diagnosing or treating an abnormality of a joint in the body. Surgery of this kind can usually be done on an outpatient basis and could require either a general or local anaesthetic. Fortunately, only a small incision is necessary. This means that the remaining scar should only be approximately a quarter of an inch.
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