Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is a surgical treatment option that may be performed by orthopedic surgeons. This is most commonly considered for the treatment of damaged joints that are causing ongoing problems for the patient.

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Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

When it comes to undergoing orthopedic surgery, one of the most important things for a patient to consider is how they will handle the recovery period. Many orthopedic patients require extensive rehab after surgery, and a commitment to this process is often pivotal to a full and successful recovery. Some patients require much less time spent with a physical therapist as part of their rehab recovery, and this will be at the discretion of the orthopedic surgeon. 
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cowboy hat

Recovering from a Rodeo

cowboy hat‘Let’s go around’ is probably what the cowboy originally told the bull. Thus emerged the macho sport ‘Rodeo’ which is Spanish for ‘go around’. This sporting event involves livestock like horses, bulls, calves, steers with athletes typically known as cowboys or cowgirls. Various events are designed to test the skill and speed of the participants. It’s loved in places that are abundant in ranches and attracts an audience that is entertained by the display of machismo.
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