Curvatures of the Spine

In our blog post last week we took a look at the skeleton. The purpose of this article was to give an overview of the importance of this incredible part of the body! Today we would like to take a closer look at the spine, and in particular, some of the issues that can arise in relation to the spine.
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Wearable Technology and Orthopedic Outcomes

As discussed in a previous blog post, wearable technology is an amazing way to boost your health and fitness efforts. There are a wide range of different gadgets in existence that can help you to track your exercise by storing data when you wear them during a workout.

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Pain Reduction And Physiotherapy Patient Interaction Go Hand-In-Hand

How many times have you been to a physiotherapist where you've had more time in the waiting room than face-time with the physio? Well, according to University of Alberta physical therapy PhD grad Jorge Fuentes, how a physiotherapist interacts with a patient verbally, through eye contact, body language and listening skills is almost as important as the treatment itself...

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