Fight Winter Inactivity with Exercise!

tips for winter exercise!We make hay while the sun shines, but as soon as the temperature falls we dread leaving the cozy, warm indoors. All the health activities that we pursue all year round take a back seat and our bodies get used to the inactivity. Today you have multiple options of staying fit indoors even during the cold winters without falling sick. The only safety precaution is to wear warm clothing in layers and not to overdo any activity. It’s time to get off your couch and begin the calorie burn!

A few simple ways of exercising and maintaining fitness during the winters have been listed below:

1. Walking:

Yes! Walking can be fun even in the snow. In fact, walking in the snow tends to burn double the amount of calories than walking on a plain surface as you need to push harder to pave your way through the snow. Remember to wear the winter clothing in layers so that you can pull them off as you get warmer. [1] And while you are walking in the snow, a little bit of slow running or playing around can increase the fat burning and also increase cardiovascular endurance. Make sure it’s all on snow, never ice!

2. Take the stairs or the street:
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