Run a Mile to Keep your Smile!

running may benefit your kneesResearchers have extensively studied the relation between running and arthritis of the knees to conclude that running regularly may not increase the risk of osteoarthritis. In fact, running can prevent arthritis of the knee in runners.

This study contained data from 2600 people who used to perform some form of physical activity in their life. Study age groups were divided into 12-18, 19-34, 35-49 and 50 and older. Finally, 29% of the people were runners at some point of time in their lives.
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arthritis pain

Cardiac risks higher in patients with arthritis, psoriasis

arthritis painA higher cardiac event risk was thought to exist in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, but little was known about the link between psoriatic arthritis and heart disease. Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune disorder that affects people in middle age worldwide. This disorder has affected more than 7.5 million people as per the data shared by National Psoriasis Foundation.
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