Do You Know How Fit You Are?

One of the most universally shared aims when it comes to exercise is simply to get fitter! Being aware of your fitness level is useful if you are currently embarking upon a new fitness regime. This is because it can help you to know where you are starting from, which then allows you to track your progress. It also helps to alert you to any existing concerns with your health that you may have been unaware of. 
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Surprising Foods for Healthy Bones

The role that our bones play when it comes to overall health and fitness is not to be ignored! While we have long been told that dairy milk is beneficial for the optimum health of our bones, there is increasing evidence that points to other foods perhaps being of greater benefit!
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How to Stay Healthy with a Desk Job

It has frequently been said that sitting down is the smoking of our generation. Long periods of inactivity can be extremely bad for our health and working to avoid falling into this routine is essential if we are to keep ourselves as healthy as we can! 
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A vegan diet may benefit obese children

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease in Obese Children

A vegan diet may benefit obese childrenWe are well aware that obesity is on a rise in children due to the unhealthy lifestyles we are following: lack of exercise, sedentary day and the fat rich diets we are consuming. It is essential to design a diet plan for obese kids, which reduces their cholesterol and the chance of developing cardiac ailments.

A breakthrough study was published this month in the Journal of Pediatrics. Researchers found that obese children who begin a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet may lower their risk of heart disease. This primarily occurs through improvements in weight, blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.
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