Ultrasonography and Orthopedic Diagnosis

Ultrasonography is the practice of being able to visualise areas inside the body by using ultrasonic pulses. This is of course great for various medical purposes, such as those that fall into the category of orthopedics.

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Tennis Elbow Diagnosis and Treatment

The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. This is a condition that will initially present as pain in the lateral part of the elbow. This is usually characterised as a sharp pain and will impact the patients quality of life as it can affect even the simplest of tasks. Not only will the patient struggle with pain, but they can also experience a weakened grip which also makes simple tasks more difficult. Tennis elbow is a very common orthopedic problem that healthcare professionals will treat regularly.
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The History of the X-Ray

The X-ray machine is an absolute staple of modern medicine! It makes the diagnosis of certain conditions possible as well as making several other problems much easier to diagnose than they were in the past. The X-ray was first discovered by a German physicist known as Wilhelm Rontgen in 1895 when he was attempting to pass electrical currents through a glass tube at low pressure. While he was doing this he realised that highly energetic electromagnetic radiation (X-rays) was able to penetrate solid objects. This was a breakthrough that literally immediately transformed the face of medicine. It was the first time that the inside of the body could be seen without having to cut into flesh and it was a discovery that amazed everyone!

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Understanding Orthopedic Care


There are many reasons why you might require the services of an orthopedic doctor or orthopedic surgeon. The practice itself is predominantly associated with the treatment and care of the musculoskeletal system. This system is made up the muscles, tendons, bones and joints within your body. Today we are going to take a closer look at these parts of the body and learn a little bit more about them!

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Spinal Cancer: Guidelines For Diagnosis Unsupported In Patients With Lower Back Pain

A new systematic review published in The Cochrane Library has raised doubts as to the effectiveness of "red flag" indicators at both identifying and excluding cancer in patients with lower back pain. The authors of the review concluded that most individual red flags were poor at diagnosing spinal malignancies and call for further studies focused on combinations of red flags...

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