outdoor sporting injuries

Outdoor Sports Injury Care

Playing outdoor sports can be great fun and a fantastic way to keep fit that doesn't involve going to the gym! Although it is a good thing to do for health and entertainment, playing outdoor sports can also come with an associated risk of injury.

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Tibia Fractures in Sports


As we explored in a previous blog post treating an athletic injury can be a tricky undertaking. Whether the injury is extreme or not so serious, it is still essential to follow a strict treatment plan.
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Calcium and Ageing: How Much is Enough?

As we age our risk of injury increases and we have to pay closer attention to how we take care of ourselves. Not only does it become more important to eat well and to exercise regularly, but we must also be more careful in general about the activities that we engage in. In order to protect ourselves from injury as we grow into our senior years, it is helpful to have a working knowledge of nutrition. This is because the nutrients that we consume play a huge role in maintaining our health, fitness and range of functions.

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Orthopedic Bone Drilling

Although it sounds extreme, bone drilling is sometimes a necessary part of orthopedic surgery. This is most common when a person suffers a fracture and it has to be treated with a direct approach. This means that plates, wires and immobilization screws have to be used inside the body. The drill itself is an electric device that is used by the surgeon to create holes in bones. Other common reasons for drilling bones in surgery are fixing implants and fitting prosthetic devices. The bone drill is sometimes referred to as a saw and certain types can also be used manually although this is less common at the present time.

Through extensive research experts have determined that the best orthopedic drill is one that has a split point and a quick helix. It is important to cause as little thermal damage as possible when drilling through bone and this is a prime consideration during the design process. If the area around a drill hole experiences a dramatic rise in temperature than this can negatively affect the healing process and even cause permanent damage. Infection is another risk factor and it is known that blunt drill bits are often the culprit for this temperature increase occurring. The angle at which the drill is applied is also an essential consideration of this type of orthopedic surgery.
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Common Back Complaints

The back is one of the most important regions of the body when it comes to how mobile we all are. Almost every move we make is connected to the back and it is not uncommon for injuries to occur purely as a result of general wear and tear.
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calcium supplements may be overhyped

Are We Overhyping Calcium and Vitamin D?

calcium supplements may be overhypedIn 2013 sales of calcium supplements were $6 billion. In 2012, vitamin D supplement sales in the United States reached $748 million. For over a decade, these supplements have been proscribed to treat osteoporosis in older individuals. More recently however, studies have appeared that dispute the assumption that calcium and vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of osteoporosis after age 30. Further, some studies indicate that calcium and vitamin D supplements are associated with higher risk of complications.1
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ultrasound EXOGEN healing

EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System

ultrasound EXOGEN healingEXOGEN is a new portable medical device that uses low intensity, pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) waves to stimulate the bone’s natural healing process after a fracture. It is a non invasive therapy for faster healing of non-union fractures. This device is also used to accelerate the healing process.

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Steroid Injection Therapy For Back Pain May Increase Risk Of Spinal Fracture

Most aging adults will experience back pain or a spinal disorder at some time in their life. In fact, about 25.8 million visits were made to physicians' offices due to primary back problems. Treatment focuses on pain relief and is available in both non-surgical (medication or physical therapy) and surgical forms...

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