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Statins and Bone Health

Statin drugs are of great benefit to those who need to lower their cholesterol levels. However, new research has shown that this type of medication could have a detrimental impact on the health of the bones.

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Magnesium Onto Orthopedics

Magnesium and Osteoporosis

When it comes to how healthy our bones are, there are several different things that we should be paying attention to. These are things that we are going to discuss today, so that you can make more informed decisions about your own health!

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The Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Finding healthy foods that you can eat on the go makes the process of sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet so much easier. Many of us know the importance of eating wholesome meals that are free from processed products, however, when it comes to our snacks we often opt for junk foods.

This is usually because it is so much more convenient to eat processed junk foods when we are on the move. Although this might save some time in the moment and satisfy our hunger, it can quickly lead to poor health as these fatty foods wreak havoc in the body. With a little bit of forward planning it is easy to have a range of healthy snacks available to you, and one great food for snacking on the go is the cashew nut!

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knee implant

Implants for the Future

knee implantThe world health organization (WHO) has stated that by 2050 the largest population of the world will comprise people above the age of 50. This tells us the gravity and vastness of the age related issues that will be encountered in the near future. The commonest of these age related problems are joint and bone disorders which call for surgeries like knee replacement and hip replacement to promise a better quality life to the elderly. However, the difficult part is recovery from these major surgeries with quick bone healing.

A group of scientists from the University of Malaya and four other universities in the US have found a technique of developing better biomedical implants to accelerate bone healing. An implant is a medical device made of a biomedical material that is fitted into the body to act as a missing biological structure. A study published on the front cover of the July issue of Applied Surface Science, reveals that the researchers have been successful in making new biomedical implants. These use magnesium coatings that do not crack, reducing the chance of post surgery complications.
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