The Importance of a Pre-Workout Routine

Working out regularly is a fantastic way to keep on top of your fitness and can benefit every part of your body if you do it right! Making sure that you prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, before a workout will help you to make the most of the exercise that you do. This can also help you to maintain your stamina and motivation as you push yourself harder and harder through each session.
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Which Protein Powder is Perfect For You?

Getting fit is something many of us aspire to do and there are arguably many different ways to do this with maximum efficiency. Using protein powder has long been acknowledged as a great way to bulk up as doing so increases the speed at which muscle recovers. With such a massive range of different protein powders on the market, it can of course be tricky to know which one is going to help you reach your fitness goals faster. To help you take some of the stress out of this decision, I have trialled a few products and will now give you the low-down on which ones work best!

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Common workout myths busted!

Cardio and Weights Join Forces

Common workout myths busted!You’ve probably heard the claim made by some that cardio kills muscle gains while weight lifting causes bulking in women. Recent information has begun to debunk these myths. As long as proper nutrition and caloric intake are maintained, both men and women can reach their desired goals. In fact, each body type maintains different levels of hormones that regulate muscle gains. A fitness regimen comprised of cardio and weight lifting is typically the best way to build your body.

Many women are concerned that stepping into the weight room will cause excessive “bulking” or large muscles. In reality,
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