phosphorus in nuts

Why Is Phosphorous So Important In The Diet?

Phosphorus is a mineral that has a multitude of important functions in the body — not least of all the impact it has on bone health! Today we are going to look at this mineral in more depth to understand the importance of it.

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Potassium And Your Bones

There are seven essential macrominerals that the body needs to function as it should — with one of those macrominerals being potassium!

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circuit training exercise

Circuit Training For Serious Fitness

Finding different ways to get fit and challenge your body is essential if you are to maintain your physical health. Going to the gym regularly is a fantastic way to do this, but you may find that you soon get stuck in the same old routine.

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playing sports orthopedic

Getting Started With Sports

The sporting world is absolutely not for everyone, and some people simply do not enjoy this type of physical activity. However, there is so much to be gained — both for your physical health and mental health — by getting active in this way!

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outdoor sporting injuries

Outdoor Sports Injury Care

Playing outdoor sports can be great fun and a fantastic way to keep fit that doesn't involve going to the gym! Although it is a good thing to do for health and entertainment, playing outdoor sports can also come with an associated risk of injury.

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winter wellness tips cold

Winter Wellness Tips

Staying healthy through the winter is something that you may find requires just a little bit more care and attention than the rest of the year. With colds and flu occurring at a higher rate, and less opportunity to get out for sunshine and exercise, it becomes much more important to make sure you are keeping yourself as healthy as possible.

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bone graft surgery

Orthopedic Bone Graft

A bone graft is a medical technique that is sometimes used to correct issues with the bones and the joints. 

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vitamin k healthy eating

Vitamin K: Benefits & Sources

It is a good idea to include ample amounts of vitamin K in your diet for a number of reasons. Today we are going to take a close look at this vitamin and explain why it’s so important!

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winter exercise healthy bones

Put The Health Of Your Bones First This Winter

When the colder seasons start to come around, it can be easy to let go of your healthy living aspirations. It may become harder to motivate yourself to get outdoors to exercise, and it can certainly be more tempting to choose comfort foods over nutritious dishes.

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Eating For Better Eyesight

If you are wondering how to best take care of the health of your eyes, then you might be surprised to learn that this is something that can begin on your plate!

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